20 Best Albums of 2016


2016 saw R&B and rap artists spurn one another onto heights hardly reached since the millennium. It was also a year of mortality, with artists passing away immediately after releasing death inspired records or the passing of a close relation spawning the birth of a new LP. The best music, for the most part, reflected the depths and cracks emerging from a rapidly evolving political and social landscape. Rock music was relatively quiet, save for  releases from a handful of well established names and some fashionably DIY albums that gained somewhat of a cult following. The best electronic music continued to move further away from the already distant days of arena sized EDM and embrace collage style sampling and worldly influences. Australian music was a largely hit and miss affair, and though its dance and hip hop scenes felt largely monotonous and uninspired, a number of seasoned artists continued to reinvent themselves and grow whilst another’s soloist approach and embracing of world music felt like a breath of fresh air. This is the best music of 2016.