Album Review: Dune Rats – The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit


Release Date: 03/02/17

Running Length: 30:43

Genre: Indie Punk

Label: Ratbag Records








Dune Rat’s aren’t ever going to be smothered in critical acclaim or sit atop a year end list, and in this sense there’s something rather ironic about myself trying to pry these tracks apart. However it is this no fucks given attitude and lack of any desire to appeal to some music geek sitting behind his computer that are earning this long haired, kush loving Brisbane trio a rapidly growing fanbase. Whilst  contemporaries such as Violent Soho and DZ Deathrays are often prone to taking themselves too seriously, The Kids Will Know it’s Bullshit proves Dunies have no desire to fake sophistication or some some false sense of enlightened sentimentality. These tracks aren’t melodically technical, mostly spurred on by three chords (occasionally four!), backing shouts and flurries of symbol crashes, but the genuineness is undeniable. Drinking to respite teen boredom and home issues (‘Six Pack’), getting high whilst being disillusioned with it all (‘Never Gonna Get High’) and witty means of finding weed (‘Scott Green’) are all experiences that emerge directly from the suburbia of the groups lives. This honest-to-goodness  makes the chugging fuzz guitars of ‘Braindead’ sound all the more spirited, it makes the rollicking, wild eyed garage punk dynamic of ‘Mary’ all the more rowdy, and it makes the huge, anthemic hooks of standout ‘Bullshit’ stick harder and roar with more feeling. The Kids will Know It’s Bullshit isn’t deep or complex and has little to show for musicality, but the group already know this. As the title of the album indicates, Dune Rats don’t attempt to be anybody or anything else, and for sheer enjoyment and realness the record is a huge and boisterous “fuck yeah!”.


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